Mogambo Dining XL


XL: w.360cm x d.130cm x h.76cm

Four organic, robust, asymmetrical legs support an equally sturdy surface in perfect balance.

Mogambo is a dining table inspired by the African wilderness. The asymmetrically arranged bases recall the trunks of baobab trees, both their strength and balance, while its barrel-shaped surface is a nod to their foliage. This table brings originality and appeal to any space by erasing angles and turning towards Hamilton Conte’s omnipresent curve. Its form combines both style and practicality, with a large potential seating capacity that nonetheless encourages a convivial dining experience.

The Mogambo range of dining tables is also available in a round version and XL version. The resin base is available in different finishes as well as wood veneer. The surface is available in wood veneer in different finishes with or without marquetry.

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